Astrée Duval est une artiste transfem blanche qui navigue entre Berlin, Bruxelles et Paris. Prolifique et pluriel, son travail se déploie dans les domaines de la littérature, la philosophie et la théorie critique, l’art vidéo et numérique, la performance et l’installation, la peinture et la calligraphie, l’animation d’ateliers, la photographie, le design graphique et web. Elle enflamme régulièrement les nuits en tant que dj et danseuse endiablée💄✨

Sa recherche est actuellement axée sur la magie et la sorcellerie trans, la dissociation comme praxis queer, l'esthétique du visage en lien avec l'intelligence artificielle, la culture club, l'habitat et la filiation queer. Astrée est une penseuse matérialiste et militante socialiste, engagée pour un féminisme queer et intersectionnel✊💋

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(plus de contenu dans la page en Anglais!)

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Astrée Duval is a white transfem artist cruising around Berlin, Brussels and Paris. Prolific and plural, her work spans the fields of literature, philosophy and critical theory, video and internet art, performance and installation, painting and calligraphy, workshop facilitation, photography, graphic and web design. She also regularly ignite the nights as eclectic dj, spirited dancer and fashion icon💄✨

Her current research focuses on trans magic and witchcraft, dissociation as queer praxis, faciality in social media and AI aesthetics, club culture, queer kinship and domesticity. Astrée is a materialist thinker and socialist activist, commited to intersectional queer feminism✊💋

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This site is still under construction. You can find some of my projects hidden behind these emojis:

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July 23 — Read queeertriiibessthesmashversion, the piece I wrote for Arts of the Working Class 🗞️

July 23 — Listen to cute/chasm, my mix for Zoé's show on Lyl Radio🥀

March 23NEOTRIBE prints available! 15*15cm, framed, signed. Check out this page and pick yours🧑‍🎤

April 23Queer Communal Kinship Now! is out on Punctum Books📕


Things I'm currently busy with:


A dustanesque trans memoir on sex, drugs and socialism. It's delirious. It's messy. It's raw. Hopefully this will become my first book in french. You can preview the text here. Don't hesitate to leave comments❤️


Since I'm becoming a witch, time to share the magic. Queer theory released from academia, a spellbook of communitarian knowledge. Trans power! If you want to help send me your favorite spell✨


Experimention with neural networks. Algorithmic ping pong fun with my queer punk pop aesthetic. See the project page for more details.

Dissociation, Trance, Magic: Queer Traditions and Contemporary Practices

Queer witchcraft and trance rituals. Dissociation in trans literature. A queer method of coping, healing, and becoming. Gender dysphoria through the lenses of attachment, affect, and quantum brain theory, somatic sexology, lacanian mumbo, and schyzoanalysis.

⋆˖ ⁺‧ WORK ‧ ⁺˖ ☾

Works available for booking:


La Queer Life - Domesticity, Kinship, Utopia

How can we emancipate ourselves from the monolithic model of the nuclear family home and the heteronormativity engraved into our social and architectural landscapes? Inspired by anti-patriarchal and gender-fuck approaches to habitat, this workshop will lead us into a collective exploration of what queerness produces on our domestic impulses. Through graphic and embodied experimentation, we will develop our narratives of connection and shape the contours of our feminist queer utopias.

Casual Trouble - What About Institutional Queerness?

How to deploy a queer anti-capitalist discourse in spaces that are complicit in the reproduction of the power structures we denounce? What is our political agency as people whose subsistence depends on compromised institutions? How to be a pragmatic agent of change while living as an artist in a capitalist country? Is it possible to navigate the lack of integrity and ethics in the contemporary art world? Together, we will discuss strategies and tactics to navigate these unsavory situations. Keywords: privilege, cronyism, tokenism, complacency, performativity



3′36″ flash trans hot punk performance. Bring clashy peps and realness to your party💥 no photo/video 🚫


Video installation. Faciality driving femqueen becomings through AI delirium. Channels and duration variable. See a preview here. More info.


Video installation and performance. Meditations on dissociation and territoriality under neoliberal conditions of hyperflexibility and mobility. Also, the art world. ∼5 minutes performance. 2 channels, 18 minutes video. See a preview here.

Earlier video and internet works available for display. Catalog on demand. Or just tell me about your next exhibition/event and I will come up with something fabulous💃

I am also available for panel discussions on the following topics: queer kinship and domesticity, faciality in internet culture, queer and trans magic. Astrée is versed in queer and affect theory, french post-structuralism and feminist new materialism.

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Here you can find a selection of my infamous A4 literature:

urgent knowledge
everything is so fucking boring

also my grindr bio 🥵🔥 (send me yours!)

·. ✧ BIOGRAPHY ✧.·

Astrée Duval is dancefloor mystique, cosmic healer and socialist agitator. She is currently based in Berlin.

As a video artist, she has participated in the stage creations of Clément Thirion, Maria-Clara Villalobos, Bud Blumenthal, Julie Bougard and Yvain Juillard. Her internet art has been shown in TheWrong biennale. Her words have appeared in Arts of The Working Class. Her streetcred is up the roof. She previously worked as graphic designer, 3d animator, video operator and pupeteer.


You can reach me by phone or email 🪐

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