My core expression is dance. My main production is writing. That is how I try to change the world. You don’t make a living from queer anti-capitalist literature. My first book, for example, barely brought me any revenue, even though I spent over a year working on it full-time. This is the reality of how books are written by privileged people, hence the almost total supremacy of bourgeois literature. Unfortunately, I don't have the wealth of a bourgeois. Rather that of a pirate. This is why I create prints, in addition to making people happy. The best way to support me is to buy prints. And be happy!


Inspired by squat and self-organized culture, I sell these works on a pay what you want/what you can basis, with a set minimum based on the following formula: production costs + shipping + 0,1% of your estimated net worth. This is conceptually against a logic of accumulation: nobody should own more than a thousand precious things, and most people can afford to dedicate 0,1% of their assets to a piece of art. For the calculation of production costs, I follow the legal base rate for dancers which is currently around 40 euros per hour in Germany. Of course, things can be discussed if this formula doesn't fit your economic reality. Furthermore, I have no interest in artificial scarcity: all the works are always available.

Formats can generally be adapted for their exhibition context. Most of my prints are produced in Berlin. I work with multiple partners with whom I entertain respectful and humane relationships. Each image is carefully crafted and the entire production process is supervised by me. Every print is individually inspected before being framed, dated, signed and kissed with my signature Whitney Houston lipstick.


Here are the series available:

Neotribe (2023)

digital print on glossy photo 330g paper, framed in black wood. 15*15cm, 40*40cm, 50*50cm.
Lenticular print, framed in black wood. 18*18cm.

Neotribe is my return to visual art after a few years of ascetic study and development of my literary practice. Think of it as my mao paintings: pop art for 21st-century queer becomings, while the generative algorithmic technique allows me to bypass the glorification of the individual usually at work in portraiture. Pick your favorite and I will turn it into a print!

Neoslit (2023)

Lenticular print, framed in black aluminium. Format variable.

Neoslit is the expansion of my Neotribe project, linked with my philosophical research on trans dissociation and temporality. Result of a complex machine learning workflow and an elaborate printing process, this is the most exciting work coming out of my studio lately. See the project page for more details.

Flags (2023)

sublimation print on satin polyester 115g fabric. 125*80cm.

Flags based on my business card designs. Iconic.

ZEC (2021-?)

giclée print on cotton fine art paper, framed in black wood. 15*20cm, 30*40cm, 45*60cm.

In 2021 I started tagging with a tablet to keep a digital archive of my handstyles. ZEC is the name I use as support for my calligraphic trajectory into abstraction. The purest of my pictorial production. Charged with magic power! A sensible selection of tags, currently around 40, are available for prints.

Consistent Ambivalence (2017)

digital color print on silk smooth 310g paper, framed in silver aluminium. Format variable.
for the screenshots: laser color print on ultra white 160g paper, framed in black wood. 20*15cm.

This piece came at the peak of my conceptual netart era. I still value it dearly. In 2018 I prepared a series of seven visuals based on it. Back then I was living on public welfare, unconcerned about money and always turned toward the next thing so I never actually made these into prints. I would be happy to see them materialize one day! Similarly to Emoji Landscape, it is also possible to make a screenshot of your favorite composition and I will turn it into a small artwork.

Emoji Landscape (2016)

digital print on semi-gloss 300g paper, framed in black wood. Format variable.

My very first artwork is a little poetic website. It is still online. Back in 2016 I made a series of prints for an exhibition. The catalogue can be found here (soon). Alternatively just take a screenshot of your favorite composition and I can print it for you!